Event Coverage

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We cover you for any major event with our mobile sales team. We select clothes according to your criteria , define the quantities needed and carry out the sale of these directly on the site of the event. No investment on your part . Instead from the first item sold you make money !

Contact us to learn more about this exclusive offer Attica International. Let the professionals take care of your image, it is second nature to us.


Attica International offers embroidery services and printing on clothing and accessories promotion. Whether to broadcast your brand or create a spirit of brotherhood among your staff, embroideries and prints offer limitless possibilities .

Our graphic designers and illustrators are full of original ideas to make your project a success. Challenge their skills : he will not let you down ! A masterful work done carefully .

Chez Attica International, nous manions votre image corporative comme s'il s'agissait de la prunelle de nos yeux. C'est pourquoi tous les détails du processus de confection et de broderie sont contrôlés avec attention. Nous nous assurons que tous les produits qui passent entre nos mains répondent aux standards de qualité les plus élevés. Chaque article est minutieusement vérifié par notre personnel d'inspection. En somme, lorsqu'il est question de broderie ou d'impression, tout est mis en branle pour satisfaire vos plus légitimes attentes.

La broderie est une technique qui permet un résultat de qualité. Après la réalisation d'une matrice, servant au paramétrage des outils de production, plusieurs machines travaillent conjointement et permettent ainsi de produire des articles d'une fa├žon rapide et précise.

The appearance of this technique still won the support of people that you use it. However, it is reserved for work that does not require a large work surface .

Nous pouvons broder des noms, des motifs, dessins, logos, etc...


This is the most common process. Based on the principle of the stencil , its realization allows large and held the respect of your colors. It fits virtually all media .

In the screen , there are two types of patterns :

  • Reason line : Your pattern is composed of color zones , your colors " Pantone " are met through PVC inks held high .
  • Pattern quad : Marking highly technical based on the mixture of four primary colors (Cyan , Magenta, Yellow and Black ) . This process allows for the visual of a photo and the print quality of the screen .
  • Description principle : Exploiting the principle of the stencil with photosensitive emulsion , this gives us greater opportunities for the definition of design in print. Once the drawing is transferred to the appropriate stencils, as they may vary depending on the desired support, we come to the implementation of the printing process .
  • Implementation process : The implementation is determined by the number of color impressions requested . If there are four colors, there will be 4 stencils that are all paired press with a final registration thereof . The media will not move until you have received the application of each color in a predetermined order. The ink is printed across the stencil using a squeegee which ensures the desired deposition on the support . The presses are rotating , manual or automatic and it is the amount or print definition will determine their use