Our Services

At Attica we offer all the required services to display the colors of your organization. We have the attention to detail to give you visibility worthy of the largest companies and to give you a professional quality image anytime and anywhere. From the selection of your products to the identification and distribution of these products, we have a specialized team to circulate your image and colors.

Don’t hesitate, let our professionals take care of your image, it’s second nature for us.


Attica International offers services of embroidery and heat-press on clothing and promotional accessories. Whether it be to display your logo or create a spirit of fraternity among your personnel, embroideries and heat-presses offer unlimited possibilities.

Embroidery is a technic that permits high quality results. After the creation of a matrix, which will serve to guide the tools of production, several machines work conjointly and permit the production of articles in a precise and rapid fashion.

The aesthetic appearance of this technique always wins the support of the people for whom it is intended. It is however, reserved for work that does not require a large work surface. We can embroider names, motifs, artwork, logos, etc...

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most widely used method of printing. Based on the stencil principle, its realization permits great adhesion and exactly reproduces your colors. It adapts practically to all types of clothing.

In screen printing, there are two types of patterns, the line pattern and the quadric pattern. Our experts know to choose the best technic in every circumstance taking into consideration the promotional article used and the finished product.

According to your needs, our team will utilize the best procedure to guarantee an impeccable impression of your logo and your colors on the type of product that you chose.

Service Advice

Our infographers and illustrators are overflowing with original ideas to assure the success of your project. Put them to the challenge: they will not disappoint! The work of a master meticulously executed.

At Attica International, we will manage your corporate image as if it was our own. That’s why all the details of the confection process is controlled attentively. We assure you that all the products that pass through our hands meet the highest standards of quality. Each article is meticulously verified and inspected by our personnel.

In short, when it comes to embroidery or screen printing, everything is set in motion to attain your highest expectations.

With identification reaches its summit...